Where are you located?

Tu Sei Bella is located in Granger in the Toscana Park plaza just behind Heritage Square. Our facility is easily accessible from Gumwood Road.


Do you have to be a member to take a class? 

No. You do however need to sign a waiver only once to participate in any classes or personal training in our facility.


I signed a waiver under the previous owner. Do I need to sign one again?

If the last waiver you signed at Tu Sei Bella was BEFORE July 1st, 2017, you will need to sign a new one under the new ownership.


What is the TSB Program?

The TSB Program is designed with the total body in mind. TSB not only stands for Tu Sei Bella, but also for Toning, Strength and Balance. Our bodies work best when all three elements are focused on. Our group fitness classes and their placement on the schedule, encourages a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Click here for class descriptions.


Do you have classes for beginners?

All of our classes are all levels. Some are more intense than others but they all have moves that can be modified. We want you to feel successful after every class. If you have any concerns about the pace or intensity of a specific class, we will find a class within our program that may better suit your needs. 


What should I wear to the studio?

Whatever you are comfortable wearing to workout! Wicking fabrics are always a plus because we love sweat and so does your body!


Do I need to bring any of my own equipment to workout?

TSB provides any equipment needed for a class. For Yoga, you are encouraged to bring your own mat. We do have a small number of mats available for use on a first come basis. We also have water available for purchase.


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